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Services and Coverages of Sanitas International Students

Medical insurance for foreign students

Sanitas International Students is a medical insurance for foreign students in our country that covers all your needs during your stay in Spain.

We have designed a comprehensive health insurance that meets all the visa requirements necessary to enter our country.

Start enjoying all your services.

  • Coverages included in Sanitas International Students

    Primary medicine
    - General medicine, nursing services, emergencies ...

    Access to most medical specialties without restrictions *
    - Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, traumatology, gynecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry ...

    * Excludes obstetrics, childbirth and pediatrics.

    Diagnostic tests
    - Clinical analysis, ultrasound, x-rays, magnetic resonance, endoscopy, scanner, etc.

    Therapeutic methods
    - Rehabilitation sessions, oncological treatments, respiratory therapies, logofoniatría sessions, lithotripsy, radiotherapy ...

    Surgical interventions
    - With or without hospital admission.

    - Admission and hospital stay.

    Dental Coverage
    - Sanitas Dental 21 is included in the product and gives access to all the centers and dentists of our dental network, with 30 services included in coverage and up to 21% discount in the rest of treatments.

    Repatriation coverage:
    - Transfer to the country of origin in case of death.

  • Additional hiring coverage

    Professional and traffic accidents
    - To have assured the best medical assistance, in the face of this type of contingency.

  • Services included in the insurance Sanitas International Students

    Customer service in English through Sanitas Welcome.

    Second medical opinion
    - Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige.

    Emergency assistance during trips abroad
    - Up to € 12,000 / year.

    Sanitas 24 hours
    - Emergency telephone service and medical advice.

    Online management
    - Appointment request, analytical download, reimbursement requests, medical authorizations, etc., through the Mi Sanitas client area.

Insurance product information document Sanitas International Students

Sanitas International Students

More than 40,000 professionals from our medical team

The best national and international specialists at your disposal, in addition to the maximum technology in diagnostics.

Sanitas Dental 21 (Included)

Watch your mouth with Sanitas guarantee. Dental Centers Milenium and national network of dentists arranged with Sanitas + Sanitas Dental 21

Sanitas Dental

Why choose Sanitas?


  • Second medical opinion

    Managed by Sanitas to specialists of recognized international prestige.

  • Own centers

    Access our exclusive centers with the latest technology.

  • Choose the doctor you want

    Enjoy access to more than 40,000 professionals in our medical team.

  • Experience

    We have been dedicated to health for more than 60 years.

  • Telephone and web consultant.

    Telephone and web platform attended by health professionals with general advice programs.

  • Online management

    Request appointments, download analytics, requests for refunds, medical authorizations, etc.

Contracting conditions

Sanitas International Students

Our insurance Sanitas International Students adapts to the requirements of the student visa required to enter Spain, which are:

- The student will have to have a comprehensive health insurance.

- The insurance also does not have co-payments.

- And you can not have grace periods so that the student can enjoy the services from the first day.

- You must also bring the repatriation coverage included..

Conditions Contracting

- A product without deficiencies, all services will be active from the first day.

- Sanitas International Students is a product without co-payments.

- Recruitment age: This product is aimed at students between 14 and 35 years old. The maximum age of permanence in the product is 35 years.

- Discount: 4% per annual payment.

- Type of payment: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual.

- Stay in the product: this product will have a minimum stay of 3 months and a maximum stay of 1 year.


Product without co-payment


Requirements for contracting the product

- Be between 14 and 35 years old.

- It will be essential to present a residence card or passport.

- Provide accreditation of studies that will be taken.


Discount per payment method 4% per year

Contracting conditions of Sanitas International Students

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